NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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October 27 update: Bangkok residents told to evacuate

Here is some information that is now practically 100% confirmed:

  1. Flood water levels will continue to be very high for at least another two to three weeks in most flooded areas north of Bangkok.

  2. Bangkok is partially flooded and many Bangkok residents living in the risk areas (low lying or near river banks) have been told to evacuate.

  3. High tides are expected to make matters worse between October 28-30.

  4. Recovery after the floods have receded, will take months, not weeks.

  5. The Sony STT-A factory where the NEX-C3, 5N and 7, as well as the Alpha A65 and A77 were being manufactured, is under three meters of water.

  6. Production will not be restarted at the STT-A factory before January 2012 at the earliest, if possible at all.

  7. Sony was looking at an alternative plant for production of NEX cameras in Thailand, but seems to have dropped this idea as the whole of Thailand's export industry seems paralyzed at the moment.

  8. The C3 and 5N cameras which are being sold right now have been produced before October 14th, when the STT-A factory was flooded. It is unknown how long this stock will last, and when fresh stock will arrive again.

  9. NEX-7, A65 and A77: it is unknown how many units of these cameras were manufactured and shipped before the STT-A factory was flooded, but certainly these were small quantities. In particular for the NEX-7, it is not known if manufacturing has commenced at all before October 14th. The NEX-7 may not be available before February 2012.

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