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Re: D400

Pre-1985 - my late father's Ihagee Exa (most probably model 1952). Unfortunately damaged by corrosion due being stuck-up in his old cabinet and flooded in the process.

1985 - Minolta XGM, bought second-hand with my salary as a newly-hired fresh engineering graduate.

1989 - Nikon FM2. My first and only brand-new 35mm film SLR. I bought it after a number of incidents my XGM's battery (and shutter) would suddenly die in inconvenient locations. I never like buying spare button batteries since I tend to misplace them just when I suddenly need them (hard to predict when the existing batteries would suddenly fail). My thinking was with the FM2's fully mechanical operation even if the built-in exposure indicator or its batteries should fail, a suddenly non-operative camera would be a thing of the past. Combined with wonderful specs of the FM2 (1/4000 shutter speed, rare in the film days especially for a mechanical shutter), the promise of perpetual mechanical durability and reliability (just don't drop or dunk it), relatively compact size and its near professional features (the less than 100% viewfinder is the only thing I would have improved) to me promised a camera that would literally last forever, sort of like a fine Swiss mechanical watch, and it did. It still is alive and operational today along with its fine AI-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens. Even more surprisingly, its original two silver oxide batteries for the built-in meter are still operative today after 22 years. I still use the FM2 today occasionally just to exercise the mechanism although developing and printing film today seems a hassle when you have a digital camera.

Since my elementary days, I have also used a variety of point and shoots, a Kodak 126 format, a cheap Fuji 35mm, an Olympus Stylus 35-105 (my first autofocus film camera, bought in 1994, gave up the ghost in 2009), a Kodak DX3600 (bought in 2002, my first digital camera, gave up the ghost in 2008, with relatively excellent IQ for a small sensor P&S since it has a low pixel density, only 2.2 MP), a Sony 4MP digital P&S and a Kodak C310 (both gifts) whose IQ were not as good as the Kodak DX3600. With the digital cameras, I used rechargeable Ni-MH batteries so dead battery replacement was no longer an issue.

After the Kodak DX3600 gave up the ghost and unsatisfied with the IQ of the Sony and Kodak C310, I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D5000 in 2010. Chose Nikon mainly after seeing and comparing sample JPEG images of various friends' DSLR's (Canon 350D and 400D, Nikon D90 - I found the the Canon's skin tones too reddish or yellowish, the D90's was more natural although not perfect) plus the ability to use my old AI-S 50mm in manual mode. Finally, a D7000 in 2011.
I still expect my mechanical FM2 to outlive them all.

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