Highest Score 81pts = Silver Award?

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Re: DPR explained this before...

Just Having Fun wrote:

The GH2 scored a 79 (higher than other similar cameras) but only received the "Silver Award". The reasoning was, its colors, especially flesh tones, were pretty bad. That meant that while everything else was great, you could not just shoot ooc jpegs and get great shots.

My bet is it was the same reasoning here. There is one thing that holds the camera back. You need to do some post processing in order to get the best results.

I hope Sony issues a FW update to give more control to the NR.

Thats because the GH2 is a video camera. if they would have scored it on that it would have kicked their score out of the field. And actually I loved the GH2 flesh tones, just for the record. I thought it was one of best qualities of the camera. I would fault the camera ONLY on three things.

1) Fit, I dont find it natural to hold at all
2)Build. It feels like its gonna snap
3)EVf/LCD. too low resolution
4) horrid flash support.

Thats 4 so what. It makes up for all that the day you see its first video.

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