Best Lens Options for NEX?

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Re: Best Lens Options for NEX?

dwh131 wrote:

I recently bought a NEX-5N with kit lens. The kit lens is ok, but not up to the standards I am use to with Canon L lenses. So I am wondering what are the most recommended lenses compatible the NEX system? The new e-mount 24mm and 50mm seem like no brainers. But what else has stellar image quality in a preferably small affordable package? Some of the Voigtlander lenses look interesting for the price. But how good are they? What other options are there?

The 50mm seems like a no brainer. The Zeiss does not. I suggest you do alot more research before you buy that one. When I hear Canon L I think decent at worst and creamy good at best bokeh. All the samples I see of the Zeiss 24mm shows a busy type of bokeh that I wouldn't cosider acceptable in a lens 1/4 the price.

If you want small and affordable then you are on the right track with Voigtlander. I suggest you do some research on rangefinder specific forums.
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