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Jerry Stevens Senior Member • Posts: 2,521
HX100V--Firmware Update Illusion

For anyone waiting to buy an HX100V on the possibility of a firmware update, please do not make yourself miserable waiting. Either take the camera "as is" and enjoy using the unit, or turn your sights on another model.

If one Sony policy is absolutely clear, they do not do firmware updates on H-series cam, which have been out now since the H1's February 2005 debut. Never have. Never will.

The review was fair. The detail is not there at 100%. The speed is slower than should be. Yada yada. Yet, the strengths are clear, as several in this thread have pointed out.

Most HX100V owners are not dissuaded from liking the camera simply on the basis of the review alone, myself included. Anyone considering the HX100V would be unwise to let a review singlehandedly steal the possibility of putting this model into your own hands to try for yourself.

All I can say is, real experience in the field with this unit brings out the photographer's mojo in me like I haven't experienced with a superzoom in quite some time. I'm having fun, and that's a good place to be with your camera.
Jerry (Gerald L. Stevens)

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