Is it my eyes or A77? See link! HELP!

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Is it my eyes or A77? See link! HELP!

It just seems these are not the sharp. These are action shots of my Dog running through the pond jumping and ect. These are straight out of camera, some just used auto mode to bring up exposure. that's it the rest or the most are straight out of cam.

Setting are.

Lens DT30mm SAM 2.8

Fstop 2.8
Shutter 1000
Iso 400

C-AF "C" on mode dial

Wide focus area.

Hi mode 8fps

How should one shoot action with this camera? Should I use A, C or S on the A77? I need the clearest shots possible. I know if something is running in front of me and not changing distant like a horse jumping, I should use "A" on mode dial, yes?

And if things are running like crazy everywhere I should use "C" on mode dial yes?

Also, what setting for focus area? Wide, Local, Spot.

Lens? How much does the lens play in factor in focus speen in "C" mode on dial?

I'm kind of sad looking at these pics, maybe I had to high of expectations. help me!

Look at img 33 to 37 specially?

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