XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: @CrazyM & aja2 Re: skippy...

I use the Franiec grip... it's a real help.

The XZ-1 is pretty good for shallow DOF, particularly if you are fairly close to your subject, like 1' or 18", zoomed at full 112mm equiv tele, using 'Macro' mode in aperture priority at f/2.5.

"Pretty good' isn't quite right. Should be 'really good', as it's a small-sensor camera and as such, its real strength is amazing DOF compared to a DSLR or an APS-C. At its 112mm equiv full tele, the XZ-1's DOF is the same as a 24mm lens on a full-frame camera. Cool.

And this brings up a wonderful debate about whether sharp DOF images are more natural to the human eye than background blurs... blurs that we've gotten used to because of large-film and large-sensor cameras that can't always stop down for long exposures to get sharp long DOF. No right answer to this... I personally like both effects.

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