Took an 80 megapixel Phase One for a spin...

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Re: Took an 80 megapixel Phase One for a spin...

That would be a more "fair" review and comparison. But to be honest, I bet the vast majority of us use something in the 12-16 megapixel range currently as it is, so this is still a valid 'comparison' to what the majority of people actually use.

More than anything, I was just sharing my experience and thoughts on the whole thing. I did find that the files, besides being considerably larger in pixel count, were also quite a bit more accurate in terms of color rendering and the 'overall contrast' of the scene which made the images much easier to work with after the fact. Considering the dynamic range is much higher than my current Nikon and it shoots true 16bit RAW files, I have no doubt that the combination of those factors helps. Also, initial processing in the Capture One probably helps as it is the "native" software for the cameras. While even thought programs like Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom and Aperture support many cameras, it is native to none of them.

RedFox88 wrote:

As nice as the detail is, you are mostly comparing resolutions not image sensing sizes. A better test would be when a 30 to 40 MP 35mm dSLR comes out next year to compare it against a very similar pixel count MF back/camera. Compare 36 or 40 MP to 36 or 40 MP instead of 12 Mp to 80 MP, which you did.

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