Canon made it official, you need MF for landscape

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Canon made it official, you need MF for landscape

Well that’s a bit tongue in cheek. Of course you can get a landscape with your cell phone. And if you are shooting for the web at a paltry 1024 wide, it won’t be too long before a cellphone image is as good as you need in many cases.

But for gallery quality large prints you need lots of high quality pixels. You do the math and assume 300PPI for prints and don’t tell me about uprezzing which only creates blobs. 20x30 at 300PPI needs 54 megapixels

The message from Canon is that 18 megapixels is the current limit for 35mm sensors with acceptable per pixel quality. That puts an absolute size limit on uncropped and non uprezzed prints.

I currently print 16x24 from my 1DS-mk3 and am limited to 234 PPI, The lack of fine detail is apparent in prints. I send full size images to my Epson Pro3800 using Qimage for final uprez and output sharpening. In the last 3 years I have tried just about every other method and settled on this as the best.

When I downsize for 1024 web presentation or camera club, a great image is rendered ugly as is the case with all postage stamp size images. My screensavers are 1920 wide and in wide gamut color. On a 26 inch wide monitor they look ok and much better than typical web, but much of the detail has been lost even for this size.

The choice is between prints or electronic final presentation. For current level electronic presentation, I suspect 12 megabytes is more than sufficient and maybe 8 would work. If you only print 4x6 or even 8x10, the same applies, these are snapshot sizes. But for 20x30 prints, you need high quality pixels and this will probably always be MF territory.

Whatever improvements the 35mm guys make, the MF guys can do the same with more pixels.

35mm FF DSLR’s were king of the hill for a short period. They pushed film aside until MF went digital and caught up.

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