Looking for a 27" - 30" monitor IPS with 2560 res

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Re: Looking for a 27" - 30" monitor IPS with 2560 res

NewsyL wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Why the caution on wide gamut? I have a NEC26090WUXi and love it.

Because I want the OP to ask about it or acknowledge that that the OP has a full and complete working knowledge of color management as it relates to using a wide gamut monitor.

Most people have not a clue why their desktop is overly vibrant with their wide gamut monitors - "it's a little too red, I'm returning it" is one quote I recall from some time ago.

Ok, gotcha. There are other issues that I percieve. sRGB looks awful compared to a Prophoto image on a well calibrated monitor but I am not sure what sRGB users see when they look at one of my images that has been converted to sRGB. I only know it looks worse after the sRGB conversion. One of the biggest issues with monitor cal is the lack of a brightness standard.

Anyway, the point is that if you work in a a higher color space it will never look better once sent to the WEB to be viewed at 1/4 or less of the native resolution and fewer colors.


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