help choosing a memory card

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Re: help choosing a memory card

First, check the Nikon website and choose a card that is on the approved memory card list for the D90. I'm almost positive the Sandisk cards will be listed, but haven't checked myself.

Second, only buy the card from an authorized dealer for that brand. There are too many counterfeit cards floating around out there. They will look identical to the original brand, but are in fact cheap Chinese knockoffs. They are likely to have less storage space than the advertised capacity, and are more likely to fair even if they work at first.

Third, get the fastest card speed that you can afford. This is especially true if you tend to use your continuous shooting mode. The faster the card speed, the faster the camera transfers the data from the camera's internal memory buffer to the memory card. If you fill up that buffer, then the camera will stop taking pictures until it moves enough data to free up the space for more pictures.

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