New Fuji X-S1 26x zoom is coming!!!

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Re: New Pictures: Thanks for posting

Daniel Lowe wrote:
So to you the superzoom camera is a pointless concept, to me it isn't.
Glad you are being honest for a change.

I'm always honest.... the same can't be said for you in your response here. Were did in my post that I said that the superzoom camera is a pointless concept ?.....where? That is utter lies.

I'll repeat it again....I didn't think it was necessary, but it seems like I have to spell it out, like you would do to a 7 year old child.

From my observations in my travels, the superzoom concept, the all-in-one lens concept, the big bag of glass to cover all the zoom ranges concept.........are not as popular as the small P&S concept or the entry DSLR + kit lens concept. That is all I said.

I never said that the all-in-one on a DSLR was pointless. I never said that the bridge camera was pointless. I never said that carrying an expensive bag of glass was pointless. Actually, I made no judgement at all as to what is and what is not pointless. I mearly reported what I have seen on the street. I have invited you to share your experiences about the same in a civil debate. But could you? Nope. You had to go down the fanboy attack route once again. Grow up, child.

Tell me Stephen, do you believe the majority is always right?

Again....did I say anything about being right or wrong?? Your head is well twisted, dude.

I mearly reported what preferences that people seem to be using in everyday life with cameras. I never said that this was a "right" thing or a right way to go for everyone. On top of that, your twisted mind takes it as some sort of insult to either your camera or your preference.....that's utterly childish behaviour.

Listen...I have a motorcycle that uses old fashioned carburettors. Id say about 85% of motorcycles have fuel injection now. If you reported to me that you seem to notice that most people uses bikes with fuel injection over the old fashioned carbourettors....I simply would agree with you. Your observations would be correct. I wouldn't jump down your throw and scream "so do you think my bike is pointless...huh? ya? ya?" See how childish you have become in front of millions of viewers?

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