Need Help Lighting a Chinese Tea Ceremony in a Hotel Room

Started Oct 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Got a helper?


I've been mulling over your suggestions and playing around with flashes in my lounge room. I agree totally that I need to produce some nice, clean, even light, rather than anything too arty.

Yes, I'll have someone to hold a reflector behind and above me. I've also found out that the ugly table will be replaced by a lounge suite.

I've been quite intrigued by your suggestion of using the 2nd speedlight on a stand and pointing it into the ceiling. I've done some experiments at home - with camera in manual and flash in ETTL mode - and it seems to produce better light than the bounced speedlight alone.

I'm a little worried about trying this technique on actual people for the first time on the day, so any extra advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll probably need to have the flash on the stand to one side a little to maintain line of sight for the infra red. Would you recommend shooting in ETTL and then playing with FEC depending on what I see on my preview screen? Any other tips?

Thanks in advance.

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