Canon settles the megapixel debate ... for now

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Re: Fair post.

Great Bustard wrote:

Pultzar wrote:

I think the comparison at higher ISO will be interesting. The detail from the 21MP 5D2 at ISO 3200 vs the detail of the 18mp 1DX at ISO 3200. If the 1DX really is two stops more efficient and not just due to NR, then it should certainly retain more detail.

Very true. Since Canon finally has gapless microlenses,

Canon has had gapless microlenses since the 50D. They haven't had them yet on a FF sensor (but then their last FF sensor was the 5DII, contemporaneous with the 50D)

that will go a long way to increasing the QE.

Perhaps not so great. On the 50D they bought 5% (33 to 38%)

Doubling the QE of the 5D2 would mean going from a QE of 33% to 66%. Given that the best QE of any Canon sensor is the 1D4 with a QE of 44%

which has gapless microlenses.

and given that Nikon is leading the pack at 57% with the D3s, such a gain seems pretty unlikely.

Nikon uses many more tricks than gapless lenses. They use two element lenses, and AR coatings between the layers of the sensor, getter regions on the sensor and other tricks too. Most patented.

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