What might an A99 cost?

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Re: Okay, speculate if you like, but...

YOU ARE AN IDIOT..............

cyainparadise wrote:
blame this forum if you get 'hoodwinked', like another poster did-


jprny wrote:

Well, thanks to all that contributed constructively to the thread.

As far as "wasting time" on a thread like this that I shouldn't have posted until there was a prototype, that's not helpful.

I have to make a decision about whether to buy an A77 now, not in the Spring.

I was looking for people's input on what might influence the price, and that's what I got.

I was hoping that the lack of OVF and reflex mirror might result in a lower price for FF, but I'm hearing it's unlikely to have that much of an effect.

So, my time wasn't wasted on the thread. If your's was, I'm not sure why you bothered to post.

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