1st Set of Lights (Photogenc StudioMax III)

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Re: 1st Set of Lights (Photogenc StudioMax III)

My studio strobes are 300 Ws.

At ISO 100 and f/8 I use between full and 1/2 power for a main light 40"x40" softbox located 6-10 feet away from a subject. I might have to go to ISO 200 if I had a 3'x5' softbox or a 60" umbrella, but using ISO 200 isn't a problem with a good DSLR.

300-400 Ws is a good choice for ALL lights in a small studio with small to medium sized softboxes or umbrellas. 3'x5' softboxes are what I recommend for main and fill lights if you are starting out - horizontal for waist up portraits or small groups, vertical for a single standing subject.

Don't buy any of those non-power adjustable "background/accent" lights - almost totally worthless.

Buy all you lights the same so that you will have maximum flexibility and be able to continue if one should happen to stop working. Also be sure that ALL your lights are adjustable to at least 1/16th of full power, and 1/32nd is better. ALL background and accent lights need to be adjustable just like the main and fill lights.

It is only if you want to shoot at ISO 100 and/or smaller apertures and/or use large softboxes or umbrellas that you need higher powered lights.

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