how to switch between ACR and PS5

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Re: how to switch between ACR and PS5

hi everybody,

thanks for the answers, everybody has away to do what i wanted but Ralph
came closest.
The smart object route does exactly what i need, learned something there.

However, I didn't imagine that ACR actualy closes and you have to go throug
Bridge to re-acces your NEF.

I still don't believe it really closes because it's still there whith the raw adjustments
eventhough i never told ACR to save the adjusted NEF.
Bridge just gets you back to the ACR screen.

I hoped there was a key in PS5 to toggle between ACR whith the adjusted NEF still open and PS5.

And for Steve's idea ' multiple ACR conversions ' have to read on that, seems nice.

Sorry for my english it's not even my fourth language.

Ciao Han.

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