Uh Oh. Major Flaw found in the 1DX ??

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Re: That explains it but still disapointing

Vivid1 wrote:

AlephNull wrote:

Chuck Westfall confirmed the lack of f/8 AF.

It was explained that the previous 1 series cameras used a different shaped mirror in the AF path (parabolic, I think they said) which allowed f/8 AF. They changed the shape of the mirror (flat), to increase the AF accuracy at larger apertures.

Disappointing because this has been a feature of 1 series (and eos3) from years ago which put Canon ahead of the competition. If you look closely you'll see Nikon has always specified their AF good to f5.6, BUT they did not do like Canon and switch it off after 5.6. Now this is what I hope Canon will do: don't switch it off ; let the camera at least try and AF - in good light it will work and in bad light it might not, but there's no harm in letting the camera attempt.

I think Canon simply plays safe - they let AF work within specs. The f/8 focusing was backed up by the hardware in the past, i.e. by the specs. On the other hand, reportedly, the parabolic submirror required very tight assembly tolerance, once I read that the 1D mirrorboxes were apparently hand-tuned in the factory.

Seems like they went to cost cutting here, trying to balance it with the addition of less sensitive crosses. Unfortunately, many f/2.8 high precision crosses are now gone too.

From the CW's comments, I gather this is one of the 'compromises' that was required to get a camera out there of which the design goals was to be the best at speed, accuracy and low light IQ - everything a working sports- or pj pro needs. If they have achieved it (remains to be tested) I will applaud them by purchasing. The few compromises,so far, I can deal with.

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