is the Canon 18-55 IS all that bad

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Re: here is the bare Jpeg

Michael Edward Rudge wrote:

The resolution of this image means it is not the "bare" jpeg as it is a different (and smaller) resolution than the one you originally posted....

Perhaps you don't understand my question...and concerns
The in-camera resolution should be set to maximum

For sharpest results shoot RAW image files and set sharpening to 2 to 4 in DPP to remove the softness created by the anti-alaising filter in the camera

Convert the RAW to TIFF for prints, if you want/need to do a lot of processing, to JPEG for display and basic processing, before going to print...
and finally...

RESHARPEN the final JPEG image in it's final size before loading to the net, remembering to limit that image resolution to the maximum permitted by the hosting site and the posting site (some have a 1024 width limit and will resize the image to that size); some sites will allow any size but etiquette usually suggests a 1200 width limit....

I hope this helps some...

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