D7000 vs 'blad + Provia F 100

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D7000 vs 'blad + Provia F 100

A friend of mine and I had a bit of fun with a Mercedes G Professional (the no-nonsense version). Since he brought his Hasselblad 501 + 150/4 along with a couple of Provia Slides left in it and I had my tripod with me, we took some snaps. This wasn't ment as a scientific comparison, but it is the closest I'll ever get to one, without actually trying (and since my only remote analog medium format interest is a Mamiya 7, I probably won't anytime soon). The Provia was scanned the cheapest way you can have from the Lab, which is a 15€ flatbad job for the whole film (+5€ for development).

For me the biggest difference is the aspect ratio and the shooting experience itself. I'm a sucker for square format. Coming from a DX-size viewfinder, the finder of the Hasselblad, well, you just don't want to get your eyes off it again The whole process is much, much slower and more concentrated, simply because every shot is costing money. But it is also a very fine sensation, the noise, the mechanical feel, fantastic! Compared to it, the operating the D7000 is just sterile.

In terms of IQ, please draw your own conclusions!

Hasselblad 501 + 150/4 + Fuji Provia F 100 @ f/4.8, 1/4 sec

Full resolution: http://www.datzinger.net/misc/blad_20890002_full.jpg

Nikon D7000 + 17-55/2.8 @ ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/15 sec (+0.5 push in post)

Full resolution: http://www.datzinger.net/misc/D7K_012868_full.jpg

same at f/5.6, 1/4 sec

Full resolution: http://www.datzinger.net/misc/D7K_012871_full.jpg

Developped in LR, Camera Vivid setting, automatic lens corrections on, Linear Point curve with +20, +20, 0, -10 settings. Manual 4800K + 11 tint WB setting to better match the Provia.

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