A77 JPEG "best" settings

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A77 JPEG "best" settings

Saw this over on the ClubSnap forums from a member named Ouverture. Seems like a modified Agorabasta approach:

Just thinking of sharing on the settings I have been meddling for the today for JPEG and I seem to found the best settings for best noise performance.

High ISO NR - LOW (default is Auto)
Creative Style - Vivid (-1 Contrast, -1 Saturation, +3 Sharpness)

Also, A77 tends to underexpose, so need to dial up the EV compensation:
Outdoors: +.3 to .7 EV
Indoors: +1 to 1.3 EV

You can use the realtime histogram to check the exposure if needed.

My observations are:

  • HIGH ISO NR, if you use AUTO (default), A77 tends to remove too much noise, even details from ISO800 onwards, can be very ugly and mushy looking. By turning it to LOW, you will get slightly more noise (luminance noise), but you retains much more details, even at ISO3200.

  • Creative style set as above, the behaviour of noise (luminance) will have those film grain like effect, much like those on Nikon. The increased in sharpness settings seems to not only improve sharpness, it also changes the way the noise behave.

  • Exposure, make sure you use the histogram to dial in to the right exposure. By exposing correctly, the noise are very much better looking, especially shadow areas.

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