XZ-1 vs. Fujifilm X10

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Re: XZ-1 vs. Fujifilm X10

I have an XZ-1+VF2 but I'm considering the X10 and currently have one on pre-order.

Overall, I'm happy with the XZ-1+VF2. The ring on the lens is an absolute joy to use to control camera settings. The VF2 is also pretty good and I appreciate having the live exposure information. The lens on the XZ-1 is fabulous as well.

I'm considering the X10 for a few reasons though. One is that I like the form factor of the X10 more, mainly the fact that the viewfinder is built-in and not a hump on top. The second is the manual zoom ring because I find it slightly annoying to have the lens on the XZ-1 extend after accidentally hitting the power button. It's also a little annoying to have it retract after a short inactivity period.

I'm a bit hesitant on the X10 too though. I know I'll miss the built in noise density filter of the XZ-1 and without having used the camera, I don't know how I'll feel about the viewfinder with its lack of any display information and 85% view. I'm also worried about how the firmware will come out given Fuj's reputation in that area. The image quality is really the last thing I'm worried about. Based on the images released so far, I think image quality is going to be at least as good as the XZ-1 but probably a bit better.

I plan on testing these cameras side by side for a week or two and then sell off the loser of the battle.

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