XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

It just gets really tedious and spammy to be honest. I mean, get real... it's a $30 piece of aluminum you stick on the front of your camera if you've got butter fingers. It doesn't improve anything to the point of being "amazing".

I see no need for any grip at all on mine, but if people want to blow $30 on a hunk of aluminum to stick on the front of their camera... to each their own. Just seems more appropriate to buy a banner ad on some blog rather than working the forums.

mosswings wrote:

skiphunt13 wrote:

You are obviously very easily "amazed".

What's with all the Franiec spamming on this site? Is he somehow tied to dpreview or something?

No, he's not. But he has made life easier for a lot of S95 and XZ-1 owners who hate the handling of these cameras. Part of the function of this forum is to share useful hits, tips, and accessory reviews. Until the flipbac grips came out a short time ago, his grips were the only game in town, and sorely needed. They're excellent products - I have one - but I can understand your bemusement over the commentary. I've seen similar emotions from posters talking about their lenses or AF systems. To each his/her own.

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