LX5 - tell mode once image on computer?

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Re: LX5 - tell mode once image on computer?

mackitten wrote:
Thanks genece - I will try that this evening

genece wrote:

The options for a mac seem limited ......but try this exif reader.......it seems to show the mode you were in when the photo was taken

If you have a Mac system, there exists a Mac version of ExifTool - but ExifTool is command-line only. I have just searched the internet fairly thoroughly, and while there is a Mac GUI including ExifTools called ExifChanger ($4.99 USD at the Apple iMac store), it presently is not able to read the "Maker Notes" section of image-file meta-data.

ExifChanger GUI can, however, read the EXIF section of the image-file meta, including all of the basic data that you report being interested in.

The high-quality, free , and non-invasive FastStone Image Viewer (there is a Mac version) can also read and display such data, as well.

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