24 f1.2 VS 24-70 f2.8G - What a Dilema

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Re: 24 f1.2 VS 24-70 f2.8G - What a Dilema

Nadia H wrote:

BTW, I cannot use manual focus either, my eyes are not good. I guess I need glasses

Nadia, I would highly recommend getting the Nikon DK-17M magnifying eyepiece for your D700. It magnifies everything in the viewfinder 1.7X and makes it appear HUGE. It really helps with manual focusing, and with framing because you can see everything more clearly. Only problem with it is it's so big that if you raise your eye to a certain angle, all the LED info on the bottom of the frame can disappear (get cut off) until you re-center your eye, but you'll get used to that. Link:


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