Mirrorless Canon in 2012 ?

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Re: Ha, nonsense...

RoshanL wrote:

Mirroless systems will be the future of the photography, simply because this is the system which can fully harness the full potential of the digital technology. I feel dSLR's will become obsolete in a few years, in the same way film cameras became obsolete.

i don't necessarily agree with this.

i don't disagree that mirrorless cameras will be popular. of course they will. but the problem is that with photography there are three main types of consumers:

first there's the casual shooter --- this is the mom/dad taking photos of their kids. or the young kid with a hobby who takes pictures about town and uploads them to facebook.

then there's the professional --- i'm going to use this category to include photojournalists, sports photographers, wedding photographers, people shooting baby pictures, high school senior portraits (do they still do that?), etc.

then there are the artists --- the artist can be either an amatuer or a professional. but the difference is that the artist is more involved in the PROCESS for getting the photo. it's not just about the picture, it's about how the picture was created.

this is why people still use film cameras. not necessarily because they are stubborn and still believe that it's better, it's just that film is a process they enjoy. maybe they want a specific look and feel to their photos, etc.

the fact of the matter is, no amount of advertising will convince the artists that the process they enjoy using needs to change.

casual/amatuers on the other hand will gladly switch to the newest method.

so this is why i say that i agree they will be popular, but i don't think it's ever going to die.

my other main issue against mirrorless cameras is the fact that no matter how fast the technology gets, an EVF will never be as fast as an optical TTL veiwfinder. there will ALWAYS be a lag. that's just a physical limitation. the light hits the sensor, is processed, and displayed on the EVF. that takes longer than witht he optical mirror.

so it can be streamlined and improved, but it can never be as fast. surely all of use here have noticed the lag in the LCD of a point & shoot camera, or the "live view" function on our SLR cameras.

this is why i think SLRs will continue to have a use in sports photography as well. features like "touching the screen to select your DOF" and "select an AF point anywhere" don't really have much use if you are using single-point 3D tracking with a preset aperture and are using the OVF to frame a player running and sliding into 2nd base.

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