Severe noise on new 7D body

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Re: Severe noise on new 7D body

Araj wrote:

Thanks for your assistance!

You're probably right that I was expecting too much of an unprocessed image - I've not worked with such a high resolution before. However, I just can't help wondering why even when I resample to the same res as a 400D I still seem to have more noise.

You're under-exposing your shots (which results in excess noise), and are viewing at 100%. Unless you need a crop (wildlife, astrophotography, etc.), don't be concerned about 100% views but be concerned with the final result. If you do need that 100% crop, you have two choices: expose the subject properly (in which case even ISO 6400 is quite good, and ISO 3200 is very good) or use noise reduction filters (dfine, noise ninja, topaz denoise, etc) followed by mild sharpening in post.

I purposely posted crops with everything "as is" so that it was apparent what I was getting out of the camera - including (probably unnecessarily) the underexposure at the standard setting. I'm able to improve things considerably in Photoshop but I'm definitely no expert. I don't have Lightroom. If you can recommend any good books I'd be very grateful.

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