I Just Love What Ken Rockwell Says:

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Ken may deserve a break

Sorry if I'm missing the obvious, but WHERE does Ken say what the OP claims he said ?

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Edit: Someone answered the question here:

So while in that interview KR does say "I believe that if you have a good eye, you only need one fixed lens, like the 50mm" it's in the context of whether multiple primes are needed (as opposed to a prime and zooms) and in an article asking "What ONE lens would you choose if you could carry only one". So while KR may be the same old idiot he always was, I don't think he believes or is generally advising (certainly not on his website) that a 50mm is all most photographers need.

For the record, I think KR's site is useless at best; potentially harmful by misleading its target audience at worst. BUT ... I don't see him claiming that a 50 is all anyone needs. I've seen him claim that a D3100 & kit lens is all someone needs; that an 18-200 with a 50 is a great 2-lens kit, and plenty more.

But right now everyone is piling on the poor guy for something somebody claims he said. (Unless, of course, he really did say it, which seems entirely plausible given some of the other stupid stuff on his site).

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