dpreview at Photo Plus Expo this week - any questions?

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here's a few

hi barney

most of the things i'd like to know, they won't be telling. but there are a few things which even though they also probably will demure, are worth asking anyway. for instance:

1) what's your plan to provide repair service in a timely fashion? 8 weeks for routine repairs is pretty absurd for anyone who actually uses their camera.

2) do you (leica) appreciate the fact that despite the lure of new technology for viewfinders and focusing, for many of us the priority is to continue to have access to a genuine optical rangefinder camera, which shows us what's happening beyond the framelines and gives a bright, clear view, while at the same time expecting to enjoy continued improvements to performance in terms of electronic reliability, sensor dynamic range and high iso performance, and weatherproofing? in other words: bring on the new camera designs if you must, but please don't kill the m line in the process.

3) do you appreciate the irony of the fact that leica, which used to have the shortest shutter lag in the business, is currently so far behind the times that any pro camera is significantly faster, and prosumer sony cameras are about five times faster? can we expect you to fix this in the next m camera, ideally to match the shutter lag performance of the legacy m line?

4) do you see increased sensor resolution as an eventual way out of the occasional problems with moire inherent in an aa-less design, or do you intend to throttle back on pursuing maximum resolution in favor of other characteristics? if so, do you have plans to cope with moire in other ways?

okay, you get my drift. i love my m9, but put them on the spot and grill them like you're on bbc, not npr. oh, and les deux gamins used to be an excellent place in nyc to catch a cafe au lait and/or a light repast--highly recommended.

ps--i think you must be the fellow i ran into downtown a while back while you were testing the v1. if you are curious, i have some photos of the occupy seattle protests from that outing and others posted here:

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