How Much Space Do I 'Need' For Home Studio?

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Re: How Much Space Do I 'Need' For Home Studio?

My home studio is a converted 20x20' garage - it is sufficient for upto a 12' wide background and the ceiling is 12 feet - high enough to mount some lights using Bogen wall booms. I wish I had a little more depth - maybe 4' more to pull back further when using a longer focal length lens, but what I have works pretty well. If you do convert a garage remember space consumed by 1) and external door entrance/exit requires a few feet of the with 2) the stairs into the main house eats a few feet of room depth, and 3) any basic props like a chaise or chairs and space for some accessories - so you'd only need around 16x16 for a very nice equivalent shooting space if those are not issues. I love Bogen adjustable wall booms - they get lights and stands off of the floor and can mount lights on walls and ceilings with lots of adjustment L-R and up/down and extension plus I am all wireless remote control with all of my lights (CyberCommander) - all of which make the setup very convenient.

The nicest setup I saw was a guy that converted a 3 car garage - semi detached from the house and the upstairs was a large finished room he used for teaching classes for extra income as well as an office/consulting/preview-sales and projection space.

Just make sure you get a license from you town to run a biz - mine was picky about potential parking issues in a neighborhood but I rarely have more than two cars visiting max. I do some product photography as well as landscape work so I am classified as an art studio and product commercial photography and on location portrait photography and got my biz license - they never asked me to define 'on-location' so I never had to lie - but nor do I even raise attention with the neighbors.


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