A qualified YES to the 1DX

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Another serious answer to a less serious question

Well, Scott, I guess your question did fall into the "thinly veiled rhetorical device angled at sniffing out the sincerety of my support for Canon's strategy" after all. There was something about the curtness of your question that suggested it.

Despite being slightly disappointed in your unwarranted remarks, I will just say, simply, that you have come to the wrong conclusion. I clearly didn't say I wouldn't buy it; in fact, I said that I would, given that I find affirmative answers regarding two matters, the most important one of which had almost nothing to do with the 1DX. I said I would want to verify its quality first, as I did with all the Canon cameras that I have ever purchased - including the 1DsIII - and also make sure my particular business could financially justify the purchase in the current relatively poor conditions of the particular market segment in which it now operates.

Only a very careless business person would not do those two things, no matter how good or, even revolutionary, a new business tool might be. Catch my drift? If the market improves, and the 1DX is as advertisied, I buy it. Pretty simple. Just re-read my post. If that doesn't make it clear enough, nothing will, and it would not be saying too much to suggest that you seem to be looking for one particular "gotcha" answer to support some opinion of your own.

Last, despite any further rejoinder that you may want to dredge up in response to this post, I will stand pat on this one small part of the subject I have been discussing and just say that I have already posted all the answers you require, if only you would actually be inclined to read them with comprehension.

Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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