How many still use 1D MkIII?

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Re: How many still use 1D MkIII?

This is just what you think. But skin tone is not equal to color temperature, not something you can simply adjust by moving ACR bars. If you actually ever use 1D3/1D4, 5D1/5D2/1Ds2/1DFs3, you will see quite different results from smaller APS-C sensor that just not at the same level of creamy silky smooth color rendition and clarity from 1D and FF bodies. Also unless you print very large, 1D3 and 5D1 despite are several years old, have as good as skin tone in portraiture as from their replacement models 1D4 and 5D2. I read some said high pixel density and Digic 4 actually worsen skin tone a bit. Just check with JoseB and NewspaperMan, two well known portrait professionals in this forum, both own 1D3 and 5D1, they can tell you lots of skin tone from 1D3 and 5D1.

Scott Larson wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

+1. 1D3 also is one of the best portrait cameras. Its skin tone is much better than APS-C. I know because I also own newer 60D.

I think the colors are just set up to be more neutral out of the box with 1D cameras. I've heard of people successfully adjusting the xxD cameras to get skin tones that match their 1D cameras.

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