Is the telephoto effect of a crop sensor real?

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Re: Is the telephoto effect of a crop sensor real?

echelon2004 wrote:

It's really easy.

Take an image. Print it. Cut away part of the image. Does the rest change?

Of course not.

Because that is exactly what we do with a aps-c camera. Every other change is due to changes we do to counter act that first thing.

The same could be said comparing full-frame cameras to medium format cameras. Or large format cameras. My point is simply that, by definition, the whole system needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to field of view and depth of field.

Anmyway, I think we do agree that buying a crop camera does not give you the same images as using a larger sensor camera with a longer lens.

Yes we do, though if you stop down the camera with the larger sensor/longer lens, you'll get an equivalent image (same field of view/dof). And I would think we could likewise agree that cropping out the center of a larger sensor does not give the same image as a cropped sensor? Or that using the same lens on two different cameras with the same sensor size (but different sensors) will not give the same image?

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