Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Re: Badge of honor.

Rriley wrote:

so you were saying ?

Something like this:


Why get all bothered about this: the engineering DR as provided by DxOMark does serve as a very good basis for comparing this parameter of different camera models to each other. If needs the maximum in ability to underexpose raw images and recover in post processing or to compress the overall DR of a scene into a more limited TR for viewing, a camera that scores higher in DxOMark DR will always be better, no matter what manipulations one does. If your quality standard finds that a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of one isn't enough to provide image quality to your standards, you are free to estimate your preferred ratings by reducing the number of stops of DxOMark DR as I outlined in a previous post above. A high DR score has no other purpose than these uses. Various TR scores don't really have any meaning for a raw shooter as one manipulates the raw data in post processing to obtain that TR score. Why fret it?

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