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PeachyC wrote:

I hope I'm in the right forum.

We just started doing weddings and met with a potential client the other evening.

They wanted to see samples of the wedding albums.

Of course since we're just starting out we have none.

Can anyone make any suggestions as to some suppliers, or just what do you have that you show potential clients?


What you are asking is much or less the same as asking somebody what car should I buy?

How can we tell you which supplier you need for your albums without knowing anything about your pricing strategy. Are you a budget photographer? Then blurb might serve you well.

Are you taking your photography serious and do your customers also want to pay you reasonable prices for a professional looking album? Then Kiss Albums might serve you and your customers better.

Remember that buying an album for yourself is quite different then selling one to your clients. How much profit do you want to make on a album.

Do not forget that it takes quite some efforts and time to create a professional looking and appealing album. The time you spent on your post processing and album creating will need to come back in the album prices at which you are selling them for.

Its not an easy question to answer without knowing what you are looking for and for how much you would like to buy and sell your albums.

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