***** RESULTS Challenge No. 130 - Seeing Red *****

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***** RESULTS Challenge No. 130 - Seeing Red *****

I selected 8 entries that I felt adhered to the challenge of seeing Red. Some of the other entries didn't quite fit the description of the color red being the subject or focal point.

The placement & explanations below are my opinions. I did write that I was looking for your best work and would pay attention to composition, exposure, the subject and to the details. Placement are as follows:

8. Chaenomeles by merops

Chaenomeles is a nice image but I would've liked the reds to be a bit more vibrant. Also, the twig in the background that looks like it's sticking out of the back of the top flower is distracting.

7. Red Rides by sshoihet

Red Rides is classic image of the strengths of SLRs with narrow depth of field. I would've liked it more if the one bike that's in focus was all red, for this theme, and if you composed more to the right to place the leading lines off-center.

6. Red Ones Are Faster by Obsydian

Red Ones Are Faster is a good image. I like to shoot cars up close to capture detail, but when you do that, you'll see some imperfections & dust. You forgot to clone out the dust above the Ferrari nameplate and smudge at bottom of frame

5. Peak Color In The Gardens by RomanJohnston

Peak Color In The Gardens . Beautifully exposed image. Strong subject against a subtle, fitting background. My only problem with the frame is the inclusion of the wooden rail, wooden platform & asphalt in the foreground. I would've liked this image more if nothing man-made were included. I'd prefer the subject in it's natural surroundings.

4. Last Light by Greg Norrell

Last Light is strong image. The only thing that bothered me a little was the flare of the sun. I know it's unavoidable, but your image is one I'd wish to achieve as well. Very nice.

3. Droplet On Red by Deepak Kaw

Droplet On Red . I would've liked the placement of the water drop, more to the right of the frame. Perhaps a tighter bottom & right crop for that perspective. Nice image though.

Runner up: Morning Flower by RaymondR

Morning Flower . Beautiful shot and almost won this challenge. The only thing that kept it from the top spot are the highlights on the top of the flower

Winner: Muted Red by pierre1

Muted Red is beautifully exposed and composed shot. Wonderful IQ. My only critique would be to clone out the two snipped leaves on the upper left hand corner as well as the black object in the same spot.

I hope you all enjoyed the constructive critiques. And congratulations to Pierre on winning the "Seeing Red" challenge & looking forward to your hosting of the next theme.


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