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Started Oct 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
Lyle Aldridge Contributing Member • Posts: 904
It's not that serious

Simon Garrett wrote:

I'm surprised that "Virtualization with Directed I/O" is not available in K processors, and I'm not sure what it is! However, if that means that virtualisation doesn't work, I'd steer clear of K processors.

I believe "Virtualization with Directed I/O" is Intel's latest implementation ("VT-d") supporting some additional passthrough functions. I haven't looked closely at the specs, but I presume that the newest processors lacking that function do have the earlier version, "VT-x." So, virtualization should work fine, just differently.

Virtualbox can be used, however, without any hardware virtualization support. It just requires more devices and drivers to be software emulated. I've also read here that XP mode can be used with processors that lack any CPU support for virtualization.

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