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Steve Balcombe wrote:

Nothing, unfortunately. Although one of the advantages of the 70-300L is its compact size when packed away, it is pretty big with the hood fitted and the zoom extended to 300 mm, and white makes it look even bigger. Or actually it's not just white - a non-photographer who stopped to talk to me a few days ago described it as "striped" and of course he's right.

He is right and I'll remember that next time I'm photographing Zebras.......;)

So it does attract too much attention in some situations, but on the plus side people often treat you as "a photographer" when you're using it, rather than a guy with a camera. One example from a few months ago was when I found myself witnessing a fire in our town centre. The police moved all the bystanders - except me, they let me carry on shooting.

If you take pictures of any building, burning or not, here in the UK when the police are around you tend to get arrested, but I take your point about looking professional.

Unfortunately I'm really not the kind of photog that likes to draw attention to himself hence the reason for a lens that looks a bit more discrete.

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