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Re: Scaling read noise

Steen Bay wrote:

FrankyM wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

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Yes, if the read noise scales with the linear pixel dimensions, then the 'normalized' noise (like in DxO's 'print' figures) will be the same, and that's what I mean then talking about "same per area read noise" and "equally efficient" sensors. In your example, I'd say that sensor A is more efficient than sensor B.

Can you tell me how read noise does scale in reality (and why)?

Well, it depends, but I'm not really the right person to explain this in detail. Emil (ejmartin) said a bit about it yesterday in another thread :


..and you can compare a lot of actual cameras here :

http://www.sensorgen.info/ (click on a camera to see more data)

Thanks for the info. I had a look a sensorgen but I couldn't see (at a glance) any such correlation.

From Emil's post I understand that for a given "generation of manufacturing process" there is no such correlation (which is what I would expect).

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