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Adobe Deflects the Heat onto Employee Jue Wang

In a seemingly crafty (but nevertheless transparent) corporate side-step, Adobe Inc. has evidently decided to try to "deflect the heat" generated by the controversies surrounding their recent posted video featuring public claims made by employee Jue Wang while in the employ of Adobe at:

and at the Adobe Inc. blog web-page authored by Adobe employee Cari Gushiken, published at:

... by instead referring interested parties to a web-site operated and maintained by Jue Wang himself (while he remains in the employ of Adobe Inc, and is acting on Adobe's behalf, anyway).

Jue Wang's Adobe Employee Profile can be found at:

Wang's web-site maintained for profit on behalf of Adobe Incorporated is here:

... where one will find the publishing of an entirely different set of images represented by Adobe Inc. to be processed by a prototype "de-blur" algorithm. Suddenly, Adobe's story has changed ...

The resulting images posted are marginal, noisy, not useful, and not representative of results that are even remotely close to what the (alleged by Adobe to be) legitimate " Plaza.png " depicts:

Despite the fact that the " sarah-dog.png " image published by Adobe at:

... with the direct link to the image being here:

... shows absolutely no visible signs of there existing any difference whatsoever between what has been claimed by Adobe to be a "before/after" representation of the original Android cell-phone recorded image, a new and clearly entirely different image showing some visible results of some sort of processing, and containing visible image-noise/artifacts (without any explanations or admissions to the obvious differences by Wang himself) is presented here on behalf of Adobe, Inc.:

published Oct 23 2011, and appearing to have actually been processed in some manner relative to:

In well-managed and ethical companies, the engineering department is not forced by the marketing department to make known to be false public representations regarding the the status and operational efficacy of in-development prototype products. My condolences to Mr. Jue Wang.

After evidently experiencing pressure by his employer to turn their desire to "sell a sizzle from a yet uncooked steak" to the public, Mr. Wang has been reduced to jeopardizing his personal professional reputation as an evident condition of employment with Adobe, Inc., and (furthermore) evidently been pressured into maintaining a web-site in his personal name that ends up publishing a (much more accurate and realistic) "whimper" following Adobe's "big bang", stating:

We agree that the algorithm does not always work well, and this is the case it fails right now .

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