Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Ah, what the hell.

Rriley wrote:

  • " The shoes fit you rather well. So, how about it -- do you want me to explain DR to you -- what it is, how it's measured, and what it's good for -- or would you rather just parade your ignorance in public? "

like a parading fool you speak to others of their supposed 'ignorance' and yet cant answer one apparently simple question. Wasnt your claim about 'some who were rather confused about what DR is and how it's measured"

you dont have a clue what you are talking about
if you did you could answer my very simple question

for people pretending to be 'educating' others here b/se they claim 1022 is some sort of special case, they should most certainly know what they are talking about, or they should stxx and peddle their poison somewhere where it is better appreciated

now this sham, this fraud, this pretence and lie should end. You serve no purpose on these questions as you cannot answer them and do not even possess the wit to defend yourself against them

While the ignorant entertainers posture with nothing but insults, I've been busy working on the discrepency between DxOMark's DR measure and Imatest's. As it turns out, DxOMark measures what DR is defined to be, and what I've said all along, whereas Imatest measures the DR of a processed photo:


So, just to make it clear to the cognitively challenged, I well understood what DxOMark was all about, but didn't know what Imatest was measuring. But what makes this so classic, is that neither you nor boggis new anything at all, except that they gave different results, and that, in your little minds, automatically made DxOMark's measure of DR "bogus".

It's one thing to be ignorant -- I was ignorant about Imatest, and am getting an education in the link above. It's quite another to parade your ignorance as a badge of honor, but, well, that's what makes The Entertainers' posts so entertaining, I suppose.

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