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Re: Ricoh's response...

Jim King wrote:
lenseye wrote:

By the way, does anyone know a smaller size flash for use with GXR... the GF1 flash is too big for me... almost bigger than the camera or comparable in size...

You might consider the Metz Mecablitz 20 C-2. It's the smallest and lightest auto flash unit with a tilting head that I could find for use on my GXR.

Ricoh GF-1 (WxHxD) - 65mm x 95mm x 80mm
Metz Mecablitz 20 C-2 - 65mm x 98mm x 54mm

The Metz is actually 3mm taller than the GF-1. Width and height-wise (with the head 90° forward) they are practically identical in size. The difference is really in the depth with the GF-1 being 3cm longer. As well as more weight with four batteries instead of two.

I think the Metz would 'feel' smalller on the camera and probably more usable due to it being lighter but you sacrifice the TTL and manual settings plus the R-type hotshoe (GXR and GRDIII & IV) functionality of the GF-1. The Metz is the clear winner on price though - definitely the smallest and lightest flash on the wallet!

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