Autofocus problem LX5

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Re: Autofocus problem LX5

Detail Man wrote:

There is no mention (in Panasonic's PDF documentation of LX5 FW Level 2.0) of any changes to functionality of the AF System, itself ...

Looking back, I do see an otherwise undocumented change to the LX5 AF System described by Panasonic:

Software updates include a redesigned algorithm which will speed up autofocus time, giving the LUMIX LX5 extremely fast AF speeds .

I guess that "newer may not always be better" ? ... Certainly, the concepts of "AF Speed" tend to be mutually-exclusive with concepts of "AF Integrity". "Mother Nature" does not offer free-lunches

It's unfortunate that there exists no FW Version 1.0 binary file (released to the public) so that user's could (if desired) "back-track" from the FW level 2.0 Update.

Whether or not such "back-tracking" would be allowed by the LX5 hardware (or, the LX5 hardware as configured by FW Level 1.0) is unclear, however ... It took one year for FW Level 2.0.

If (indeed it may be true that) Panasonic is developing a "LX6" (or "LX7", etc.), then it would seem that further FW Updates for the LX5 would only serve to discourage future sales of the LXx?

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