Epson R3000 vs 3880 financial difference

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Re: Resolution....

Petruska wrote:

The R2880 has a 3 pl droplet size and has the same 5760 x 1440 resolution as the R3000, 2 pl droplet size. So does this mean that there is a lot of blank space between droplets on the 3000 versus the 2880? If yes, then the R3000 image IQ could be compromised.

Maximum printer resolution is primarily determined by the smallest stepping increment of the print head, not droplet size, I believe. And printer resolution (not to be confused with image resolution) primarily affects the ability to reproduce continuous tones, smooth transitions and accurate colors.

Both printers have variable droplet sizes, and the figures you cited are only for the smallest available size. I believe the droplet size also affects tonal gradations, not resolution directly. In any event, the R3000 has a newer-generation screening algorithm (AccuPhoto HD2), so I’m sure there are no “gaps.” Epson wouldn’t have made the reduction if print quality was going to suffer.

I agree that ordinary viewing won't show a difference.

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