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Re: a week?

Greynerd wrote:

sensibill wrote:

I wouldn't touch a pellicle camera with a ten foot pole, myself. I'd always be wondering how much better my shots would be without the light lost by that mirror.

I have never seen a bad review of a Sony SLT and I wonder if you would notice if you were handed one without being told what it was. It is a camera which gives very fast focus and I think has a valid place in the choice of cameras. The EVF sounds awesome. If I won the lottery the A77 would be one of the first of many cameras I would buy. (After the NX200 of course).

Compare the A77 with a D7000 at ISO-3200 and see if you still think there's no difference in IQ.

Sony's SLT gets good reviews in spite of the pellicle losing 1/3 of the light, not because of it.

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