1DX Intro: Why now and not next February??

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Re: 1DX Intro: Why now and not next February??

It is classic "vaporware", stuff that will keep the users from jumping fence because a competitor has announced or about to announce a similar product. Nikon is set to announce the replacement for the D3, a direct competitor of the 1D series. It is a full frame, and the 1DMKIV is not. To keep the Canon users from jumping ship, Canon felt that it must assure them that they will have a full frame sports model ready for the next big event: the London Olympics. Some vaporware never comes to market, sometimes because the competitor's product fizzles out, but this one will almost certainly will be released.

Bob Howland wrote:

Like the subject line says - why did canon introduce the 1DX a full five months before it will be available. Wouldn't this tend to suppress sales of the 1D4? Or is Canon expecting people who prefer an APS-H crop camera to buy that model before it becomes unavailable?

Any thoughts??

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