5D3 will now be the flagship studio camera

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Re: Semantics as to title, but marketing slot, yes!

This Is What Im Belive
BSI Cmos APC-H 24.5 mpx
Same AF
2 Digic 5
8.5 Fps
Native Iso 12800
2 Stop Better in noise
H1 iso 25600
Same Video
Price Point $1999.00

5D Mark III 32 mpx Full Frame BSI Cmos
2 Digic 5+ For Prosesing Power
6.5 fps
way better Video
AF 45 points
Price $2999.00

New Desing 50 mpx
new Lenses
1.5 fps
2 Digic 5+
iso 3200 no expansion
only quality and Dinamic Range
And Video Raw
price target $10000.00

Target Price

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