Bigger pixels = Less noise... explain? CONTINUED

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Bigger pixels = Less noise... explain? CONTINUED

The subject thread (link above) reached the maximum number of replies but I wanted to follow-up on a reply made by Slideshow Bob to Great Bustard (link below).

Hi Slideshow Bob,

You went to a lot of trouble trying to refute what Great Bustard wrote but are you aware that his conditionally couched comment addresses "efficiency" (i.e. "efficiency" is the subject of his statement)?

Are you aware that you say "NO evidence" in the last bullet of your reply to Great Bustard and then proceed immediately to listing "Exceptions" to your own "NO evidence" comment?

Okay, below is what Great Bustard wrote (this is what you replied to):

Great Bustard wrote:

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that larger pixels are more efficient than smaller pixels. If anything, the overall trend is towards smaller and more efficient pixels, but, of course, there are exceptions. However, exceptions don't make for the rule, except, perhaps, by those that are bedazzled by "technobabble".

IMO Great Bustard's paragraph above is just fine ... no evidence exists that I'm aware of ... he is correct about the trend ... and he readily admits that exceptions are possible. Both you and Great Bustard seem to be cool regarding exceptions, right?

So Slideshow Bob, please tell me ... is Great Bustard right or wrong? Do you have evidence that larger pixels are more efficient than smaller pixels? If so, I'd really appreciate your presentation of pixel size versus efficiency data, TIA.


Joe Kurkjian


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