FZ150 slow focus in cloudy daylight

Started Oct 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
bimbobo Regular Member • Posts: 204
Re: FZ150 slow focus in cloudy daylight

..I hav ethe FZ 150 now, and yes it's not so light fast as in daylight, but, I had also the Fuji HS20 and it was even worse.

I think we cannot do much about that, except enjoy this camera in any case.
It's DSLR, but I had not trashed a single pic, unless I shoot it badly myself.

The HS20 had a "failure" rate of 50-70% of the pics, the Pana less than 10%.

I shoot in P mode like I did with the HS20 and there is no comparison.

Well instead of focusing in 0.1 like in daylight, it focuses in 0.5-1 sec... but the FZ150 is a very good cam.

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