Dynamic Range -- what it is, what it's good for, and how much you 'need'

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Back to 100%

boggis the cat wrote:

No, it was 96% correct.

Add in the aspect ratio correction to get to 100%.

FF has 3.8 the area of FT. This fact gives FF a √3.8 ≈ 2.0 time, or 1 stop, noise advantage over FT.

The diagonal of FF is 2.0 times the diagonal of FT. This is what matters when doing the trigonometry to calculate the angle of view. Note how that figure happens to be identical to the previous factor with two significant digits. Somehow your correction factor is too insignificant, Boggis.

Let my ask you again: With what accuracy do you know the focal length of a lens? With what accuracy do you know the shutter speed? With what accuracy do you know the size of the aperture? With what accuracy do you know the dimensions of the sensors? Why do you keep babbling about correction factors that are so small that they are meaningless in a world where we don't know any of the parameters with anything approaching the required accuracy?

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